Father. Husband. Engineer. Community Leader.


Jason Gibbs is not a politician. Like most things in his life, Jason's family is the reason he is running for City Council. He wants to make a difference and secure a Santa Clarita that our children can enjoy as much as we do.

Despite his impressive career as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, Jason makes time to volunteer throughout Santa Clarita, serving on various boards and participating in community programs including the Boys & Girls Club Advisory Board, Family Promise of Santa Clarita, and the Valley Industry Association.

"I'm running for city council because I love what Santa Clarita has and I am driven to preserve it for generations to come."  

- Jason Gibbs for City Council


Community Involvement


Strong Fiscal Responsibility

Through balanced budgeting and smarter government spending, Jason will secure more public funds to keep the city out of debt and important programs funded.

Keep Our City Clean & Safe

Create a public safety commission with representatives of different neighborhoods and public security agencies (fire, police). Promote programs that assist hungry families and help put the homeless back to work. 

Job Creation & Retention

Create economic incentives for businesses to move to SCV, to reduce commute times and freeway traffic. Develop the Bermite Site and continue to incentivize film production.

Protect & Preserve our Quality of Life

Jason is determined to  reducing traffic by prioritizing the building of the two east-west connectors (Via Princesa, Magic Mountain Parkway) and north-south connector (the Santa Clarita Parkway.)

Fight Against Out of Touch Sacramento Lawmakers

Fight the initiatives from Sacramento that do not work for SCV. We must protect our way of life from the failed overreaching policies of Sacramento.

Public Safety

Support those that keep our community safe while ensuring we have strong checks & balances and a healthy working relationship. This will be accomplished through the creation of a Public Safety Commission with representation from police, fire and community members.

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I am passionate about preserving and building upon Santa Clarita's successes, but a team effort is required to get us there. If you would like to join Team Jason please fill out your contact information in the provided form and follow us on Facebook at the link below!

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my plan for Santa Clarita's future. 

- Jason Gibbs for City Council


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